[Slowhand] Cream Memorabilia Auction

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 12 18:58:35 EST 2006

I received this from Saiichi, the person who worked on the Christie's guitar
auction pictures. Many of you will remember him from the Cream afterparty
in London. Janet Bruce is Jack's wife:

"The Janet Bruce memorabilia auction that I have been working on has finally
opened on Cooper Owen's website www.cooperowen.com. This is an internet only
auction. I am attaching the information sheet. If you would be interested in
running a piece on this auction on your great website, I will be able to
supply further materials/information. I have been working on this since last
May but now it is finally a reality! It has a complete set of Jack's copies
of itineraries of Cream tours starting with their first public performance
at the Twisted Wheel in July 1966 to their farewell tour in November 1968 as
well as private off-stage photographs from Cream tours (taken by the Bruces)
and Jack's 1981 Spector bass guitar. Janet's ticket to the farewell concert
and her father's Super 8 of the concert are in the sale, too. Also available
are Pete's original manuscripts of White Room and other Brown-Bruce
compositions sold by a collector. As far as Eric specific items are
concerned, besides some amazing unpublished off stage photos of Eric (some
with Charlotte) from Cream tours, a congratulatory telegram from Eric to
Jack on the birth of their son and Eric and Patti's invitation to Jack for
their wedding party are in the auction. There is also my one-off Clapton
Strat built to his specs in 1991 in the auction :(

The auction also includes GBO memorabilia, mainly 100s performance contracts
that came out of Dick's flat that I catalogued. As the estate wanted to
share these with fans rather than collectors, the starting prices are as low
as £30 for 12 original 60s performance contracts. Many of them are signed by
DHS (and GB in some cases)."

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