[Slowhand] Delaney Bramlett mix of Eric's 1st album

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 14 05:42:47 EST 2006

Art Arias said:

> I noticed in the latest issue of ICE magazines "from

> the vaults" section a release date of Feb. 28 from

> 'Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton (Polydor)'. No other

> information with it and it got me thinking, could this

> be a Deluxe Edition of his 1970 first solo album with

> possibly some or all of the Delaney mix included?

> Hopefully they'll add some unreleased tunes in there

> also. Anybody hear anything else about this?

This new release hasn't been listed on CD Universe, they're usually
promoting albums well before the release date if there is something new on
them. This makes me think that there won't be any extras.

I recently uploaded to Dimeadozen bit torrent (in fact it's still up there
and getable, if you happen to be one of the lucky 100,000 members) the
Delaney mix of Eric's debut album, minus 2 obvious tracks.

Now not everyone on the Digest is torrent-wise or for that matter a member
of Dimeadozen, so if anyone is interested I'll burn copies (full album) to
the first five who email me, with the usual deal that you re-offer to three

Burner-less? Are there still people out there who don't have burners? Last
I heard you could buy a spindle of 50 burners cheaper than a spindle of 50

Anyhoo, whatever the reason, if the burner-less can wait until a few of
these have been distributed before asking, that would be great.



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