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Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 16 00:13:27 EST 2006

The recent discussion prompted me to check for my last contact with AG. It was June 25, 2005 at 12:47 AM. He had just returned from seeing Knopfler ("fantastic as usual"). The email dealt with the Mid Valley Cream shows from May and was very upbeat. Then nothing. No response to emails, phone calls or a Christmas card.

A couple of other thoughts: The fact that the picture changes on the main screen of www.geetarz.org does not mean that AG is updating the site. Reloading the page produces a different picture. AG has some way of automatically rotating the pictures. I don't think AG has updated the site since June because neither Mid Valley Cream set from 2005 is listed.

The site still exists, which implies that the bills are still being paid or were paid in advance. HOWEVER, the domain name "geetarz.org" expires on June 1, 2006. Should we try to save his album art scans just in case?

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