[Slowhand] Original, Official, Clapton FTC Promo Video Can Be Yours....

Greg C temporalorbit at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 20 11:13:43 EST 2006

OK, boys and girls, since no one else bid on EC's official "From The Cradle"
vhs, last week on ebay, I now have an extra copy.

If you would like to own it, here's the deal...

I collect rare promotional and out-of-print items from various bands. I've
been looking for the following CDV for awhile now, with no success:

"Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" (RCA 001)

CDV was a rare format from the early 90's that never took off. It stands
for cdvideo. It is a hybrid disc that has audio tracks that can be played
on any cd or dvd player, but the video portion can only be played on a
laserdisc player.

This particular CDV also has a 7 minute club remix of "We Built This City".

So, the first person who can get a copy of this to me, will get the FTC

I will post when someone has "won" the video.

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