[Slowhand] Wolfgang's Vault

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 20 11:26:42 EST 2006

Like Cathy, I caught the CBS item on Wolfgang's Vault. Immediately after the show, it was hard to get on the site because the server was too busy.

The posters seem pricey, but they are, of course, highly collectable. I found the concert tickets to be reasonably priced - $38 apiece or less if you buy them in groups. But beware - the tickets are not grouped entirely accurately! Items BG079 and BG080 are Fillmore tickets as advertised. But BG109 claims to be Winterland tickets when in fact ticket #4 is from Sunday, March 3, 1968 - a Fillmore show! Item BG110 claims to be Fillmore tickets, but ticket #1 is the only one of the four from the Fillmore. The rest are from Winterland.

The other oddity is that some of the tickets were good for multiple nights. So, if I am reading the tickets correctly, with the help of the Slowhand Tourography located at http://www.ectours.de/, ALL of the Fillmore and Winterland tickets are available. Sweeeeeeet!

There is also a nice Cream T-shirt for $38 dollars - cheaper than they were at the RAH last year!

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