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Mon Feb 20 15:27:55 EST 2006

more ridiculous backstage stories to tell (i have a cell phone photo, but cannot attach it to a message on the digest).......show of the century last nite at Oberlin College at the Finley Chapel (i sat in the front pew on the bride's side of the church)!! FYI, this chapel built in 1908, was converted to use for concerts in the mid 80's by removing the altar and installing a low stage, but they kept in the pews for seating (kneelers were removed). hard to believe, but even better than the sold out house of blues show on saturday nite.

besides his originals, here are the cover songs performed this weekend that you might know:

war pigs (black sabbath)
voodoo chile (hendrix)
good times bad times (zepplin)
jigga what/jigga who? (jay z)
dont stop til you get enuff (michael jackson)
jesus is just all right (doobie brothers)
isnt she lovely (stevie wonder)
money,money, money......mooooooney (???)
star spangled banner (francis scott key)
rappers delight (sugar hill gang)
papa was a rolling stone (???)

this ranks as probably one of the best shows i have ever seen (probably over 300 at this point in my concert going life)! for those into bootlegs, this is the one to be on the lookout for. new album launches in may (clapton on "jesus is just alright), with possible opening slot on the summer Red Hot Chili Peppers tour this summer - NOT TO BE MISSED!


ps he loved the framed picture i gave him of himself with EC's band taking their final bow at the columbus show in 2004 (great idea dr proctor!!)
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