[Slowhand] Re: Delaneys mix Vs Eric's mix

Luke Pacholski lukpac at lukpac.org
Mon Feb 20 19:49:31 EST 2006

Shanahan, re:

> Yes.


> The mix I speak of is from "The Unsurpassed Eric Clapton, The Delany (sic=


> mix of his first album" Yellow Dog 022.


> As far as I know, nothing of Eric's mix has surfaced.


> According to Eric "and I mixed them very badly. Atlantic heard them , di=


> t like =91em."

Bill Levenson just posted this over on the ICE board:


The "Delaney Bramlett" mix on bootleg is actually the "Clapton" mix. The=20
"Delaney Bramlett" mix has never been issued in any form - it features a=20
much more aggresive mix with more guitar, more vocals, etc. than either=20
the Clapton or Dowd mixes. The reason some of the mixes appear longer on=20
the Clapton mix is because studio chatter was left in before some songs=20
(Blues Power and Let Rain come to mind).

from the liner notes:

Three distinctive mixes of Eric Clapton were originally prepared.one by=20
Delaney Bramlett, one by Clapton, and one by legendary producer/engineer=20
Tom Dowd, who'd previously worked with Clapton on the Cream classics=20
Disraeli Gears and Wheels Of Fire.

As Clapton explained to England's Melody Maker in 1970, "I left the tapes=
in L.A. for Delaney to mix, and he was waiting on me to finish one of the=
tracks. And he didn't realize that I was waiting on him to mix the tracks=
and send them over. Finally, my manager got kind of impatient and told=20
Atlantic to send the tapes to me, and I mixed them very badly. Atlantic=20
heard them, and didn't like them. Then they sent them to Tom Dowd, who=20
mixed them again. So they were mixed three times in all. Naturally, I=20
never heard Delaney's mixes until it was too late.the record was already=20

Although Dowd's mix of Eric Clapton was the one ultimately released, many=
who've heard Bramlett's version have expressed a preference for it over=20
the official release. This package makes the complete Delaney Bramlett mix=
officially available for the first time, pairing it with the familiar Dowd=
mix to allow listeners to decide for themselves. Also included here are an=
assortment of related rarities and outtakes.

In addition to slightly resequencing the tracks, and adding "I've Told You=
for the Last Time" to Bramlett's ten-song running order, Dowd retained=20
Bramlett's mix of "Slunky" and Clapton's mix of "Easy Now." Otherwise, a=20
comparison of the two versions reveals some substantial differences.=20
Bramlett's mix generally sounds earthier and funkier than Dowd's cleaner,=
more pop-savvy approach, with Delaney's tracks often running several=20
seconds longer than Dowd's.

So Easy Now *should* be the same on bootleg and the official release.


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