[Slowhand] geetarz web site

bluespower at cfl.rr.com bluespower at cfl.rr.com
Wed Feb 22 14:27:04 EST 2006

I am struggling with this one. The download and personal use of the site
(or any other) I'm thinking may be ok. The distribution of it, I am not
so sure. The design and personal comments from the author ARE copyright
protected. From what I have read, I do not believe the pictures (unless
individually copyrighted) and set lists are copyrighted. This was Mark's
life for many years, who knows how many hours he has devoted to it. On
the recent SD it was posted that the web admin has spoken to Mark, he is
ok and aware of our previous concerns. Now we know he is ok. Now we know
the site will remain up. Should we not have the "owner/author" of these
site's permission before they are distributed in total?

Keep in mind that I have about a thousand bootleg shows that I trade and
send people. Maybe I am being hypocritical? I just know if it were me, I
would definately be having mixed emotions about having my hard work
"taken" and distributed without my permission.


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