[Slowhand] Re: More Cream Reunions?

Susan Marchman susbastille at msn.com
Sun Feb 26 11:25:03 EST 2006

>>The New York shows, particularly Tuesday's show, were great. But compared to London, Clapton showed a profound lack of enthusiasm. He cringed when Jack said something overly patronizing to the audience. At one point, Eric seemed to say something negative to Jack. But mostly, Clapton just stood there and played, ignoring his bandmates. Just like the old days. "And Wednesday's even worse" - that day, Clapton seemed like he couldn't wait to fulfill his obligations and get out of there.<<

I don't know why Jack would make the statement to look for more Cream in the future if he didn't have at least some positive indication from Eric. Only time will tell on that one.

But I completely agree with your assessment of the MSG shows in that Tuesday was excellent, then something changed on Wednesday. I feel like I've said it a million times already, but it was the strangest vibe I have ever felt from Clapton. Aside from a seeming lack of enthusiasm, he did seem to just want to get it done and out of there, not only indicated from shortened soloing, but did you catch a couple of times he appears to be prodding Jack to get on with it and start the next number? I wonder if we'll ever know if he was feeling ill, emotionally drained, irritated, homesick or what that night?


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