[Slowhand] Robert Cray Band supporting Eric Clapton

Olli Oksala ollio at mbnet.fi
Wed Mar 1 04:50:42 EST 2006

Hi all,


This is great news.
This is starting to sound as a fantasy come true. Robert Cray is one of my
time heroes and haven't seen him live for more than decade.

In a recent Clapton interview Eric was full of praise and admiration for
Cray and his music. Maybe Robert will come out and jam on the encores as
he did
on their joint tour during the late 80's.

Robert Cray is a first-rate act, that will be hard to follow and will surely
keep Clapton on his toes.
Now we'll be able to see 4 top guitar players during the same evening.
I think we're in for a great treat.

The Kick Horns were playing with Eric on the NBTB tour 1994-1995 and I'm sure
nobody's complainig about the guitar on that tour??


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