[Slowhand] Continual Complaining

Ken simpson aks112778 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 5 12:57:01 EST 2006

Hello All,

Sometimes this digest amazes me. The complaining never stopped before Back
Home was even released or after or until this day. Now people seem to have
an obsession over the BACKUP singers? Katie Kissoon and Tessa Niles were
great and I'm not sure why they're not still around but back up singers will
not make or break this tour. I'm in the States and am jealous as heck about
the European tour and the awesome opening act Robert Cray. On the other
hand no one seems concerned that adding Derek Trucks may crowd the guitar
section a bit. Yeah he's supposed to be a heck of a player but so is Doyle
(and he plays a great slide just as Derek does). Then of course there's EC
who of course everyone, including me, wants to hear solo. Then there is the
loss of Nathan East who was a major force in the stablility and energy of
the band on stage. Steve Gadd is gone as well yet all we seem to hear about
on this digest is the BACKUP singers. Is it really that much of an issue?
And the cracks about the backup singers don't seem to be about their singing
anyway. Please stopping the ongoing bashing of the BACKUP singers and worry
more about how the band as a whole will sound with several key changes.


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> 1. RE:ECs Band (Mel Boss)

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>Subject: [Slowhand] RE:ECs Band

>Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 10:47:36 -0800 (PST)

>I think that the suggestion to add Susan Tedeschi (Mrs.Trucks) was

>"in-place-of" rather than "in-addition-to" the "chubbets" now planned.

>Sounds like a great plan to me. Remember the background vocalists team for

>Roy Orbison's "Black&White" peformance? Now THAT's what I call a great mix!

> It's all about "the music," chemistry and "style." Tessa and Katie scored

>high marks in all three catagories when they were in their prime. Plus,

>Susan would add yet another guitar to the mix... I'd prefer to see really

>strong background vocalists or none at all.

> Mel


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>sweet jesus, why dont we just add the orchestra again, too!!?? (toungue in

>cheek, dale!)


>they are going to need a stage the size that the rolling stones use





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> How about adding Mrs. Trucks (Susan Tedeschi) to the band on guitar and




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