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I have to agree with Ken, when it comes to backup singers, Eric can't
win! I can remember the first Eric Clapton Band. Yvonne Elliman was
foisted upon him - she was the wife of an RSO executive who wanted a
singing career. Having her tour with Eric was seen as a boost to her
fledgeling career. There was a huge outcry, Eric doesn't need a backup
singer she ruins his "sound" get rid of her! Eventually, the fans
accepted her and were outraged when Marcy Levy joined the band. Again an
outcry, "We already have Yvonne, we don't need Marcy!" In retrospect,
they were probably prepping for Yvonne to go off on her own. I don't
remember too much of an outcry when Shaun Murphy joined the band and
EC's fans came to see Marcy and Shaun as an integral part of the band.
Other musicians came and went but the girls were a staple. Then, horror
of horrors, Marcy and Shaun were gone and were replaced by those
upstarts Tessa and Katie! There was something of a negative reaction to
that change, but they looked good so it quickly passed (notice I didn't
say anything about how they sounded - it doesn't seem to be a
consideration). Eventually Katie and Tessa also became our girls and all
was fine with the world until the last tour.

Eric had the temerity to replace our Katie and Tessa with overweight
backup singers. Where's the eye-candy?? I had seen the initial sniping
about the girls, on the digest, but ignored it. When the Belfast show
was broadcast, I was very pleasantly surprised. They SOUNDED GREAT and,
after all, shouldn't that be the PRIMARY qualifier. They added a
bluesier, dare I say, funkier sound to the songs. Whatever the reasons
for the change (Tessa concentrating on her family, Katie's schedule
filled with tours by Roger Waters, or session work for a host of folks -
Joe Cocker, Pete Townshend, Annie Lennox, etc) it IS here and as long as
the backup singers SOUND good, isn't that all that matters.

For a group that are fans of someone who is renowned for his passion for
change and willingness to try new things, you sure are resistant to

"Please don't assume that those of us whose ethics are
not founded on a religious or faith based belief system
have impoverished inner lives. I won't feel sad for you
if you promise not to feel sad for me.".......Carl Sagan

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