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Len, et .al.

I watch CFG every now and then....In November of 2004, I saw the last few
minutes of it on PBS and then on 11 March 2005, I finally got around to buying
it (a birthday present for myself). It was probably the most important
birthday present I will ever get. (more on this later).

What I feel, is that, as you say, George is gone....as George would say,
"gone from this life"....but George lives on through his family, his words, his
music, and his ever powerful spirit, and through us.

I didn't "get" the spiritual side of George Harrison, the Dark Horse, until
many years after his music started to present itself in that direction.

Now I get it more, and more and more each day.

So, when I saw Dhani put his head on Eric's shoulder, I sensed the same
reaction as you did, but also, that George was there, right on the stage at the
RAH, which was a given, at least to me.

Later, Dhani says, "Eric, your 're the man". I felt, and still do, that
Dhani was somehow passing the mantle of music and the master baton to Eric, who
also, lost a close friend. Eric is Slowhand. Eric is God, he's been called
many things. Now he IS the man.

When Eric included "Love Comes to Everyone" on Back Home, I sensed he still
missed his close friend (I know I miss GH), and more importantly he wanted to
show us, the spirit of George and his words and music live on.....Purely
speculation on my part, and my opinion.

Not sure if I have expressed myself clearly here....but the CFG changed my
life. That concert, and what it did for me, lives in me still. Thank you
George. Thank you Eric.

Also, not sure I have shared this publicly here, but I know I have mentioned
this to a few folks on the digest. After the 6 May 2005 concert at the RAH,
when I got back to my hotel, I started to write down my thoughts and
impressions of the gig. I took the "blog" of my notes back to the USA. When I got
home, I knew I had a story to write and over the next few months I did indeed
write a story, which I want to get published and make into a movie.

Some of you, and you know who you are, are even in the story. But -- I have
changed all the names of the characters -- except for one - and that one is
- "The Man" -- Eric, himself.

So I have been "pitching" and networking and have a meeting with a producer
and 2 directors in LA next week.

See you in the book stores and hopefully on the big screen! (Hopefully we
will need many "extras" if we re-create the May RAH event.

Blonde Rocker
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