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Mon Mar 6 13:28:10 EST 2006

I think that Michelle/Sharon were"okay" vocally, like I said when I first commented on this thread, but nothing special. I've heard and seen "special," and their performance didn't measure up. But okay. Visually, however - disaster. We saw them from the 5th and 11th rows in the summer of 2004. That they were "chubby" was NOT the problem. Lots of big women pull of "the look" very well and are sexy like crazy, and Queen Lativa comes immediately to mind. What the girls wore on stage when we saw them was in poor taste and a distraction to the band's performance - I think. At the very least, their outfits should have FIT. If Billy Preston had worn tights and a thong, I'd say the same thing - oooh, sorry for the bad visual...

Sorry. Maybe it is no longer an issue and that they have learned to dress in a manner more commensurate with the Clapton-band's classy image. I'm not usually so opinionated over minutia - and I won't post again on this topic (besides, I'm starting to sound like MrBlackwell, godferbid)! But you have to admit that this thread was more fun than obsessing over Eric's shoes:)...
Danville, CA.
>tessa is now a mom, so maybe that's why she doesnt tour anymore? yes, the roy >orbison singers were fantastic. although you may not like their looks, i think the girls >are strong vocally.....
>my $.02,


>Eric had the temerity to replace our Katie and Tessa with overweight

>backup singers. Where's the eye-candy??

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