[Slowhand] EC 06 tour my 2 cents

Scott Wallenberg scottw at racerxill.com
Mon Mar 6 14:15:23 EST 2006

No disrespect here at all
I am glad to see the rhythm section go. Nathan and Gadd were in a rut with
Eric and I feel this new duo along with Derek and Doyle will push our man to
greater heights than we have seen. Nathan and Gadd are jazz players first
and foremost and while they are well versed in playing other forms....give
me a rhythm section schooled in blues and you'll "feel" the difference

Yes Doyle is a fine slide player but he is not in the same league as Trucks
(actually no one on the planet is right now, although Warren Haynes and Jack
Pearson are right up there ) I don't expect to hear much slide from Doyle
or Eric for that matter.

Keyboards,Tim Carmon doesn't exactly do it for me ( Bobby Whitlock or Chuck
Leavell would be awesome!) But let's see what the songs are.
Chris Stainton is steady as a rock.

The girls.... I think it's about the songs and the arrangements as far as
their impact, I always enjoyed Yvonne's Can't Find my way Home and Marcy and
Shaun both did fine jobs as soloists because they are basically solo
performers in their own right.

Tessa and Katie were great in that they never stepped on the song...just
embellished where needed.

Horns....nothing like a great horn section if the songs are right.

Which really is the whole point of this tour.....what will Eric play?

My guess is 4 Dominos tunes. Layla, Anyday, Key to the Highway, Why Does
Love Got To Be So Sad.
The good thing is that the girls can hit the high notes on those songs that
Eric can't reach or Bobby Whilock did on the album.


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