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Agree that we're likely to hear a few Dominos numbers, and the four you list are great, but for my money I'd much prefer to hear "Tell the Truth" and "Little Wing" ahead of any others. It wouldn't bother me at all to hear a few shows *without* Layla, Key to the Highway, HYELAW, etc [and Wonderful Tonight, Cocaine, etc for that matter]. Let's give the old war horses a rest for a while, and hear something different.

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Subject: [Slowhand] EC 06 tour my 2 cents

Which really is the whole point of this tour.....what will Eric play?

My guess is 4 Dominos tunes. Layla, Anyday, Key to the Highway, Why Does
Love Got To Be So Sad.
The good thing is that the girls can hit the high notes on those songs that
Eric can't reach or Bobby Whilock did on the album.


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