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Tue Mar 7 21:35:39 EST 2006

Re: Natahan Has No Soul>> Is it just me but is Nathan missing a certain soul or bluesy feel. I can't pin-point it but I love how Duck Dunn and some of EC's other bassists like Carl Radle and what-his-name from the 1979-81 era played more of a walking bassline, more of a groove. Kind of what you got form the hits from the 60s from Stax records. Maybe its a Tulsa thing, I just can't put my finger on it about Nathan. Thoughts? <<
Agreed. While Nathan East is an excellent bass player and seems like a operfect gentleman, I would prefer someone with a rougher, more earthy style of playing bass. Nathan was too smooth for my taste. I wouldn't say that Nate East has no "soul," though. I think he's got plenty of that. But I agree that he doesn't seem to have that raw, "bluesy feel," a certain swagger. Maybe the correct word is not "soul," but "balls."

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