[Slowhand] Appropriate quotes :)

Olli Oksala ollio at mbnet.fi
Tue Mar 14 02:29:45 EST 2006

Hi all,

It's always great to find appropriate quotes to support your case : )
EC has given so contrdictionary statements, that it's easy to find quotes ,
that support those, that feel negatively of his work from the last
decades. Of
course it's nice to find quotes, where he thinks quite postively of his
music. I think EC isn't the baddest of Clapton bashers after all.

Here's a couple quite recent ones:

Guitar Player - June 2001

Q: You've said in the past that after you heard the Band you made the
to leave the bombast of Cream. Did hearing them also affect how you wanted to
hear the guitar?

EC: "Very much so. What I appreciated about the Band was that they were more
concerned with songs and singing. They would have three- and four-part
harmonies, and the guitar was put back into perspective as being
That suited me well, because I had gotten so tired of the virtuosity-or
virtuosity-thing of long, boring guitar solos just because they were
The Band brought things back into perspective. The priority was the song."

Q: At this time, do you consider yourself a song-writer first and a guitarist

EC: "Yes, I think I've reached that point. For me, it was a reverse
process. I
started out as solely a guitar player, then I learned how to sing, and then I
learned how to write and eventually became a songwriter. Now I feel like
all of
those skills are equal."

More to the Blues interview, date: February 6, 2004

EC: "I mean I play, I sing the same way as I play. I try to sing the same way
as I play. It's not necessarily very, um, kind of gymnastic, or it's not
flashy. It just has the right amount of emotion that I'm trying to express.
But, I mean, I feel like I've got it now."


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