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Thu Mar 16 13:09:46 EST 2006

*****EC's support of the pro hunting alliance, raises a
question I posed a few months ago to this digest that
was greeted with thundering silence....What if your
guitar hero's political views turned out to be more
in line with Charlton Heston than Babwa Stweisand?????
Would it change your opinion of him or his music???
(I expect this message to get the same response)



You'd be hard pressed to find many creative :-
artists/architects/sportspersons/philanthropists/film people -: (you get the
idea, fill in whatever is appropriate) who didn't have something in their
past that was questionable.

Walt Witman immediately springs to mind.

I tend to view, listen, read the finished product and take it as is, a
particular piece by someone with talent, and not dig until I find something
that will have me dismiss everything by said someone.

The fact that John Lennon 'used to be cruel to his woman, and beat her' or
Dylan lied about his upbringing in the early days is really neither here nor
there. Finished product from both: fantastic.

Although having said that, I haven't played any Cat Stevens since he made
that infamous comment about Salman Rushdie way back in the late 80's. Hmmm?


I'll still listen to Cat Stevens sometimes, although I don't necessarily
agree with his politics. I still love a good Ronald Reagan movie when I can see
Charlton Heston is Moses, and Barbara can sing like no one else (Although I'm
not really a big fan of her music)...

Doesn't matter a damn bit to me! Everyone has the right to believe what they
want to believe, no matter how illogical it may be to me. You can believe in
an invisible man in the sky who makes all right in the end, he's behind the
curtain and he's our only true friend....Fine by me...

As for the hunting club thing, I don't have a problem with people hunting if
they use what they kill..The fact is that due to our destruction of predators
many animals starve to death because of over population and it seems to me
it's our responsibility to thin out the herds.

Not a hunter, but a fisher...
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