[Slowhand] ABB/Warren Haynes/Derek Trucks

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Thu Mar 16 13:12:28 EST 2006

......funny, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even 2 years ago I couldn't get
anyone to
acknowledge Waren Haynes' existence, or talents, let alone Derek, and now
they're both household names to the slowhand-digest folks.

Warren Haynes has, when not overloaded with effects, the greatest tone
emanating from his Les Paul w/Engle/Diaz combination of amps, since
the 70's...Derek is beyond imagination (and the sweetest kid you'll ever
meet) and not just a fitting "family" member and replacement for Uncle
Duane, but an even better player (by far, no little feat) than Duane dreamed
of being (if a little less versatile). As far as Derek's playing not
that spot that Clapton's does, that may be true, Clapton's solo's are more
accessible, more understandable to a non-musician's ear, where Derek
are like the Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Charlie Parker of rock/blues
guitar, not avangarde, not spaced or overly freeform, but more musically
intellecutal, more adventurous, less pop.

Warren and Derek are without a doubt the best guitar combination that
the ABB have ever had...see 'em live and you'll ever be changed for the
better...they are better than in their hey-day @ Fillmore East. If anything
is missing from back in the day, it's Berry Oakley's bass groove which
has never been duplicated for its depth and feel.

All said & done, interested persons are invided (again?) to join my new
Yahoogroup dedicated to Gibson Les Paul Guitars. Subscription info
below.....lots of pics, links, info, and guitar greats who do, or have
played Les Pauls.

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See ya,


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>I went to Monday's show at the Beacon and the first set was one of the

>musical highlights of my life. To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the

>recording of "Live at the Fillmore," the band performed the album, from

>beginning to end. I've said it before and will say it again - Derek Trucks

>is more than the real deal. We are witnessing the ascension of a

>guitarist/musician to levels that few ever achieve. Each solo is just so

>damn inventive - he really makes Warren Haynes sound like a pedestrian

>guitarist. No Derek and The Dominoes songs but I hope to have the

>opportunity to hear Eric and Derek do "Stormy Monday" on the next tour.

>Other show highlights were a kick-ass version of Freddie King's "Woman

>Across The River," and Susan Tedeschi leading the vocals on "The Weight."


>Speaking of Derek Trucks, I caught the show at the Beacon Monday night (a

>tasty jam it was, though not quite as filling as Cream ; ) sandwiched

>between two amazing Stones shows.) Very cool that the Allman Brothers ran

>thru the Fillmore East album in its entirety. Fantastic show! Derek was

>absolutely incredible, just unbelievable the sounds he made! I see what

>the raves are all about now, and after hearing live the interplay between

>Derek and Warren and the taking turns in the spotlight, I'm ready for the

>new Eric Clapton Band. Great as Trucks playing was though, for whatever

>reason, it didn't GET TO ME like Clapton, and the playing that thrilled me

>most that night was pre-show when the speakers blasted "Have You Heard."

>Guess as far as the guitar goes, it'll be only ole Slowhand to the end.

>Susan Tedeschi joined in on vocals near the end and what a revelation she

>was! (Until that I had been confusing her with Diana Krall.)


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