[Slowhand] re: EC political stance

K S backlezz at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 17 08:31:32 EST 2006

I'm glad EC is not known for being politically active. EC is - in one way or
the other - about expression of feelings, and that's one of the main reasons
why he communicates with all of us. Had EC had some kind of political
mission like Bono or Geldof, the Slowhand community (if I can use that term)
would have been very different I think.

That being said EC has been making political statements through whole his
career; the Enoch Powell comment in the 70's, the participation in the
Mandela/"Anti-apartheid" concert in the 80's, and his statement regarding
support for the Royal family and the institution they represent just
recently. A couple of years ago he stated in VanityFair that the person he
dislikes the most is Rupert Murdoch.

If his political stance has impact on my relationship with his music? I
would definitely say no, and agree with most on this list. However, if he
suddenly came out as a neo-nazi (totally hypothetical and illogical, of
course) things would have changed. Political stance is therefore not to be
counted out entirely.

- who loves fishing and hunting in the mountains of Norway

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