[Slowhand] Derek on Eric etc.

Scott Wallenberg scottw at racerxill.com
Fri Mar 17 16:41:50 EST 2006


RT - I thought the choice to cover “Anyday” by Derek and the Dominos was
interesting because I remember seeing you in the days before you were tapped
to join the Allman Brothers Band and this was the only time I ever saw DTB
doing ABB songs like “Liz Reed.” Are you preparing for anything here?
[NOTE - at the time of this interview it had not yet been announced that
Trucks would tour with Clapton]

DT – (laughs) Doing the Derek and The Dominos tunes definitely has something
to do with the fact that I’ll be playing in Eric Clapton’s band next year.
When thinking of tunes to add for New Year’s, it’s always fun to figure out
some stuff that half of the crowd will be familiar with and half of the
crowd will know the tune but not be sure why. I thought “Anyday” fit that
bill pretty well. I don’t know if I’ll be playing any of those Derek and The
Dominos tunes with Clapton. I don’t know exactly what the plan is other than
the fact that we’re doing a European tour and possibly more. I’m definitely
excited about the prospects whatever it turns out to be. The band sounds
strong. It is one of those opportunities that you don’t turn down and you
don’t really ever expect to get. It should be quite a year.

RT – So, when does this all begin?

DT – The rehearsals are in April and I think we start in May. We do a few
weeks first, then a week and a half Royal Albert Hall run. It sounds like a
good time, some amazing touring. I get to go to a lot of places in the world
that I’ve never been. Getting to play with him is gonna be quite an
education. He’s seen and done it all.

RT – Have you recorded or rehearsed with him at all already?

DT – I recorded with him four or five months ago on a completely different
project. He and J.J. Cale are doing a record together and I did the basic
tracks with him, maybe nine or ten tunes. That’s when I got the offer to
play in his group. Since then I’ve been out doing this thing and he’s been
taking some time off after doing the New York Cream dates he did and we’re
getting’ started in April, so I’ll see what happens then.

RT – How did he find you, I heard Doyle Bramhall II from Austin had
something to do with it….

DT – I’m guessing he did. At the time he was recording on Susan’s record.
Susan was saying that Doyle had our record, and was talkin’ him up. I’m
guessing maybe he turned on Clapton to our stuff. I’m not exactly sure, but
I’m feeling that is where it came from. I definitely appreciative of him for
that, because it only takes having the right person chewing on the right
person’s ear (laughs). It’s amazing how things happen.

RT – So, when you met him he indicated a familiarity with your work?

DT – Yes, he was familiar with some of the Indian Classical stuff we had
done. I could tell that he had listened to our group.

RT – Since the late seventies, Clapton hasn’t really had a taste for
improvisational jams or any kind of “stretching.” Even when Cream reunited,
while they did explore a little, on balance they kept things somewhat
structured. Do you get the impression that this tour will be different from
his recent tours in that he will explore a little more?

DT – At this point I really have no idea, honestly. I don’t know what tunes
we’re gonna play. I have a general idea of who is going to be in the band
but I don’t know exactly what role I’ll be playing or anything like that. It’s
really too early for me to say. I’m guessing that it will "open up" a little
bit. I would imagine that if he’s having me out then it’s not just to play
parts the whole time. I imagine there will be some fireworks.


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