[Slowhand] Unplugged Complete - DVD Set

Frédéric Clark fctclark at club-internet.fr
Fri Mar 17 13:36:11 EST 2006

Many thanks to Mark I can offer the following DVD set to the first 2 people
to mail me their details and with a promise to reoffer to the group.

Details from Geetarz Web Site

Eric Clapton - Unplugged Complete

London, England - January 16, 1992 - Geetarz 288/289 - DVD-R2

Geetarz Comments -

After years of research, this DVD set compiles the best available footage
of the complete "Unplugged" session held at Bray Studios, London on January
16, 1992. Two different sources have been combined - a better quality, but
incomplete, source; and a timecoded, lesser quality source to fill in the
portions missing in the former. Combined for the first time on this DVD set,
they offer a complete picture of the "Unplugged" session from start to
finish, including the famously hilarious bit of Eric being harassed by the
makeup artist!.

Best regards,


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