[Slowhand] RE: Flac files

Olli Oksala ollio at mbnet.fi
Tue Mar 28 01:03:10 EST 2006

Hi all,

There are two types of compression: Lossy where audio quality is lost (and is
lost forever when compressed) in order to have smaller audio files and
where no audio quality is lost (just like zip compression).
Flac is just a way to compress audio files (*.wav) without loss of quality.
Using MP3 you compress the audio files much more and lose data (although lots
of people say they don't hear the loss :) ).
Downloading the right encoders you can listen to flac-files with free
like WinAmp or Windows Media Player on your computer. If you have
installed the
right codecs for Nero Burning Rom it burns and converts them
simultaneously to
a CD.

It seems to me, that dBpower AMP Music Converter is capable of converting
between flacs and wave-files, so you can create an audio CD after the


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