[Slowhand] Top 20 reasons eric didn't show up at the beacon:

Fabio Dwyer downtownstreets at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 28 21:24:57 EST 2006

I edited this comilation of reasons given by Allman Brothers fan explaining
why Eric didn't showed up on the Beacon shows. I chose just some of them.
There were some others, a little bit agressive to our man, so I'm gonna
spare him in his bday's week.

Top 20 reasons eric didn't show up at the beacon:

01. no longer living on "blues power".
02. accidently sold all his guitars at last christie's auction.
03. cabbie would not drop him off unless he got free tickets to next cream
reunion show.
04. watching reruns of lynyrd skynyrd's hall of fame induction.
05. laying low since the BALCO steroid allegations.
06. forgot to reset his watch - he's still living on tulsa time.
07. NCAA baby!
08. waiting for his 2005 IL's to arrive.
09. whad'ya mean they're now doing layla?
10. no dickey.
11. He was miffed because he did not get the pre-sale password.
12. In the spirit of Microsoft, Gibson threatened to withdraw support for
the Gibson guitars played by Warren & Derek if anyone brought a Fender
13. Ticketmaster sent his back-stage pass to the wrong address, and he gave
up after getting disconnected while trying to talk to them about it.
14. Having posted the setlist prior to the start of two shows under the name
of TOYPLANET, Clapton was fearful for his safety if he showed up again at
the Beacon.
15. Clapton did not want to share the stage with Dickey Betts.
16. All the shows were scheduled to start before midnight
17. He was actually further on up the road eatin a ham sammich with
18. Clapton was seen outside the Beacon tonight. He is trying to figure out
where everyone is
19. I think he heard his last record and fell asleep.
20. Who is this Clapton person everyone keeps talkiing about?

Don't agree with all of it, but some are really funny!

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