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> I edited this comilation of reasons given by Allman Brothers fan explaining

> why Eric didn't showed up on the Beacon shows. I chose just some of them.

> There were some others, a little bit agressive to our man, so I'm gonna

> spare him in his bday's week.



> Top 20 reasons eric didn't show up at the beacon:


Funny list, I've seen some variations on different ABB sites.

IMHO missing the Beacon shows is EC's loss. The ABB is a truly exceptional
blues/rock band these days that are not afraid to take a chance on improvising
a set list night in/night out. Different guests appear each night and that
combined with the changing set list adds an element of excitement and
anticipation to each show. As for the venue, the Beacon is simply a great place to see
a show -- very intimate. I've been fortunate enough to make the Beacon run
for a couple of nights each of the past 4 years or so. Even if you can't attend
the shows I would highly recommend trading for a boot from a show. Take a
listen - you won't be disappointed.

Best Wishes,
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