[Slowhand] BB King tribute to EC

John Mills turbineltd at btconnect.com
Wed Mar 29 06:21:45 EST 2006

A nice tribute to EC from a man who's goin' down slow.
In the court of the king
BB King began his working life in childhood as a cotton-picker. As he starts
his British tour, the legendary blues guitarist tells Elaine Lipworth he's
still just making a living.
29 March 2006
BB King is widely regarded as the greatest living blues guitarist. Many
contemporary rockers credit him as a formidable inspiration - from Mick
Jagger to Eric Clapton to Bono. But the 80-year-old musician has a different
perspective on his ability. "I don't think it's true," he says with a shrug.
"Kids tease me. They start to bow. I'm not trying to stop them. I think I'm
a pretty good musician. I don't think I'm the best, that's all."

When I point out that he's often hailed as the second most gifted guitarist
of all time, after Jimi Hendrix, he shakes his head. "Well that's very nice,
but I would put Eric Clapton and a few others ahead of me. Eric is the
number one rock and roll guitarist and he also plays the blues better than a
lot of us. And I can tell you this, I consider him as a great friend, he's a
wonderful man, what we call in Mississippi 'free-hearted'."


There's more about BB in the article:



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