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Luke Pacholski lukpac at lukpac.org
Thu Mar 30 09:18:34 EST 2006

Bryan, re:

>Question on Derek & The Dominos.




>~ On 23/10/70 and 24/10/70 they played the Fillmore East, two shows each



>~ Both nights were recorded, presumably both shows each night.

Depends what you mean. It's my understanding that multitrack (ie, for
possible record release) recordings were only made of the late shows. That
said, Bill Graham made stereo recordings of many/most (?) shows at his
venues, so it's possible recordings of the early shows were made in that

>~ Material from those nights was used for the Fillmore albums (in their

>various incarnations).


>~ Both of the late shows have been booted over the years.

Yes, although it is unclear how accurate those boots are. Bottle Of Red
Wine shows up on the boots of both nights, yet it is the same performance.
And (if memory serves) Have You Ever Loved A Woman is edited on the 10/24
boot (as it is on the official release), yet there's another boot that has
it unedited. It's unclear what else may be "wrong".

>I just received today the new Paddington set entitled "Complete Fillmore

>Tapes" (10 CDs worth). Their liner notes (and I've found Paddington to be

>very accurate on their notes) state that all four shows were recorded).

See above.


>Paddington set includes the early and late shows from the 23rd (both

>soundboard and audience) and the late show (again, both soundboard and

>audience) from the 24th. The soundboard from the early show on the 23rd

>isn't complete, and I suspect that the audience one isn't either. But,

>Paddington says this is all there is.

I don't have this, but I've got a CD-R with 4 soundboard tracks that
*claims* to be from the early show on 10/23. I don't have the audience
recording to compare, but one of the tracks (either Presence of the Lord
or Litle Wing - it's been a while) is identical to one of the late shows,
only just a bit slower. The other tracks are clearly different from either
of the late shows, though, and Got To Get Better In A Little While has
what sure sounds like Bill Graham announcing.

>QUESTION: Does anyone know what happened to the early show tapes from

>the 24th?


>I find it hard to believe that something hasn't leaked out.

Again, see above. It seems like there's actually quite a bit that hasn't
leaked out yet...

On a related note, Wolfgang's Vault has been playing some D&D tracks, but
they are all from the official releases. It's unclear if they are even
using their own tapes, or are simply playing tracks off of official
releases and bootlegs.


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