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Roy D. Houston rdh at optimum-power.com
Thu Mar 30 09:36:28 EST 2006

Bryan wrote:

I just received today the new Paddington set entitled "Complete Fillmore
Tapes" (10 CDs worth). Their liner notes (and I've found Paddington to be
very accurate on their notes) state that all four shows were recorded). The
Paddington set includes the early and late shows from the 23rd (both
soundboard and audience) and the late show (again, both soundboard and
audience) from the 24th. The soundboard from the early show on the 23rd
isn't complete, and I suspect that the audience one isn't either. But,
Paddington says this is all there is.

QUESTION: Does anyone know what happened to the early show tapes from
the 24th?

I find it hard to believe that something hasn't leaked out.


The early show fragment can also be found on the much older boot: 'Substance vol. 1'. This boot contained Miami studio outtakes, the earley show fragment and the Carl Radle tapes.

It would be interesting to compare the early show setlists to see if this Paddington release offers anything new.

I, too, would like to see the release of the early shows in their entirety.


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