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Thu Mar 30 11:29:14 EST 2006


Among the "PR machine" you can include Eric himself.

I did not find the exact quote but I remember reading it on
the liner note of the Ryko BBC Radio One album [don't get
wrong - not the 2 CD reissue but the single CD / 3 sided LP]

It was Eric talking about him, Jeff Beck and Hendrix ,
saying that both him and Jeff had something special that the
other one hadn't but Jimi had something even more special
[not the exact words but this was the idea].

You will have to notice that when Jimi appeared on the music
scene, legend said that he choose the power trio format in
reference to Cream, as Eric was already established "god
guitar player".

In response Eric turned afro hairstyle.

But the music world of Jimi was not something as easy to
appreciate as Cream was.

When Jimi arrived in London, at the same time a french
rocker (J. Hallyday for the froggies, the others can pass on
the name) was recording an album. Johnny was litteraly
smashed by was he heard, get the contract to perform the
french version of Hey Joe and used Jimi on his album. Back
to France, Jimi still completly unknown opened for the
Hallyday show but received mellow answer from the press..
One year later he was back on the french road but this time
as the main act and successful.



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