[Slowhand] EC On JH and SRV

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Thu Mar 30 21:58:47 EST 2006

>> Rolling Stone: What do you think about Jimi Hendrix?

Clapton: I don't really want to be critical about it. I think Jimi can sing very well; he just puts it around that he can't sing and everyone accepts it. I think he can sing very well. I don't think he's a great guitarist. I don't like to watch him too much 'cause I prefer to listen to him ... <<

Compare that quote with all the reverential stuff Clapton has said AFTER Jimi died. And he's done the same trick with SRV. <<

Yes, but whenever EC is asked about SRV, he seems to switch the subject to SRV's brother Jimmy. I think EC believes that Jimmy Vaughan is a better guitar player than SRV. While Jimmy doesn't have SRV's technical skills, he certainly knows how to tell a better story, whicle SRV seemed to show off and repeat the same loops over and over.

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