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Thu Mar 30 22:00:14 EST 2006

>> Hi Nick - I don't claim to be an expert on this subject, but - When I viewed MartinS's Dylan documentary last year, I saw/heard Dylan on stage, and I think that the venue was MSG. There was very audible booing from the audience, and the band reacted to it. <<


I have no idea what happened at MSG in NY, but I was NOT referring to any show other than Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI, July 1965. This is the show at which Dylan first went electric. Nobody booed. Later on, when accompanied by the Hawks (soon to become the Band), they most certainly were booed all over the US and the UK. At Newport, Dylan was backed by part of the Butterfield Blues Band, including Mike Bloomfield, and Al Kooper.

I liked Jimi, especially his first year or two in the limelight ('66-'67 and part of '68). After that, I think he was way too stoned and had met too many aliens from outer space.

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