[Slowhand] OT: Dylan booed at Newport 1965

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at comcast.net
Thu Mar 30 22:23:03 EST 2006

I have a soundboard copy of this set.

Dylan was not only NOT booed, the crowd can be clearly heard yelling "More".

The story on this is Dylan was the headliner and the last act on. There was
a strictly enforced closing time for the Festival to pacify the fine
citizens of Newport. Dylan played 3 songs for just under 21 minutes with the
full band, followed by 2 solo acoustic totaling about 14 minutes and then
had to leave. He was backed by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band with Mike
Bloomfield, who was riveting. There may have been some culture shock for the
largely folkie audience BUT they did not boo Dylan.

A month later at Forest Hills, he was most definitely booed. But, he didn't
have Bloomers with him then, so what can I say.

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