[Slowhand] robert cray review

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Thu Mar 30 22:38:58 EST 2006

entertaining show, mostly mellow tunes. he has a very clean sound, and his vocals were VERY impressive. he included "bad influence" (which EC covered on August), but no "bad love". unlike some guitarists we know, he was very engaging with the audience, and related some background stories to each of his songs. you could tell he was genuinely appreciative of the audience. very good backing band as well.

he has a poignant new song about a soldier going off to war to avenge the events of 9/11. did a 4 song encore, and played for about an hour and 45 min. although it was enjoyable, i probably wouldnt pay $50 again to see him alone, but definitely check him out if you are fortunate enough to make any european tour dates when he opens for EC.


ps found it odd that he changed guitars on each and every song?? he did a lot of string bending and vibrato, but i doubt enough to require re-tuning after each song.....

PSS happy bday EC!
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