[Slowhand] Re: Please remove me AND Dylan and the booing

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 31 06:24:59 EST 2006

"Please remove me"

"Please remove me"??

Now this is when we need the real "ONE".


Sure we may have all Marks previous responses to the "removal" cry in the
archives, however each plea needs an individual response to that particular
pleaders requirements that only THE ALMIGHTY can provide.

Oh well, Jon13iMac at aol.com, at least you'll be with us for the second

Now to Dylan and the audiences that didn't like him going electric.

1965 Mar - Bringing It All Back Home LP was released. 7 of the 11 tracks
were electric.

1965 Jun - Like A Rolling Stone 45 was released. electric

1965 Aug - Highway 61 Revisited LP released. 8 of the 9 tracks were

1965 Sep - Positively 4th street 45 released. electric

1966 he tours the U.K. with The Hawks and people are booing because he's
playing electric?

Is it just the fact that these people were as thick as shit, or am I missing
something a little deeper (and perhaps making me as thick as shit)?


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