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Doesn't that guitar of his seem to conjure up Duane? At times you could close your eyes and
imagine Duane up there on the stage. And talk about a shy individual.....makes Eric seem like
Dr Phil or somebody ;-)

And let's not leave out his band......Those cats are having a blast and are superb musicians!

The Clapton tour outta be one helluva concert this time around. I really can't see why Doyle is in
the band this time around tho, unless Eric isn't going to play much. Derek can most definitely handle his part and others.


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I strongly second everything Pat said - I've had the pleasure of seeing Derek Trucks perform with the Allman Bros., his own band, and Susan Tedeschi over about a 7 year period. His performance is all in his fingers; he usually stands motionless and expressionless as he plays some of the most astounding guitar ever performed. I still think of him as a young guitarist, but he is already older than Duane Allman lived to be and than EC was when he recorded Layla.

During this time, Derek's playing has consistently evolved at a startling rate. He has huge ears and very deep roots that extend throughout the planet, incorporating blues, jazz, Middle Eastern, and Indian musics; for example, he has covered "Maki Madni," a song by the late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, on both of his most recent studio recordings. As great as he is with the Allman Bros., he has to be seen with his own band to hear what he is really doing musically. He now plays slide guitar, both acoustic and electric, at such a virtuosic level that every nuance amazes. He has created a unique musical universe of impressive depth and beauty. If you have yet to check him out, the recent release by the Derek Trucks Band, Songlines, is a good place to begin. As the sticker on the front says, "Expect to be transfigured by the holiest guitar in the west."


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I wanted to warn you folks that live in the surrounding cities below to go
see Derek Trucks. Went to
the Shed Saturday night and saw one hellavu guitar player. His set lasted
2:20 and only cost $10 to
get in. Unbelievable!! The tones out of his guitar sounded just like Duane's
when he hit the slide. Seems
like a very, very shy player with not much communication with the crowd but
what a working speciman.
I can't even put a finger on the type of music it was but you could hear the
comforts of the Allman Bros
there most definitely. Off the Layla album they played "Anyday" (which was
no suprise) but the encore
was "Key To The Highway" and was friggin off the charts. Also in there was
"Sinner's Prayer" that Clapton
covered that had a most jazzy feel to it.

I'll be most shocked if when the Clapton tour starts the set list won't have
most of the Layla album in it.

Again, what an unbelievable guitar player and artist

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