[Slowhand] upcoming tour

Nathan Lovett nathanlovett at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 03:26:48 EDT 2006

I expect one reason Doyle is in the band is that Derek
Trucks won't be available for every date of the
tour...not sure if that effects Europe...but it will
definitely impact any US dates (if there are any)

The other reason is that Doyle (like EC and Derek)
also brings something very unique to the table. I'm
expecting all their styles to compliment each
other....even if Robert Cray gets involved on the
encores.....they're all quality musicians who know
when to play and when not to lay back a little. Can't
see it meaning less contribution from EC...if anything
it will provide the kick up the pants he sometimes
needs to produce his most inspired playing.

The Concert for George is a good example.....there
were sometimes 4 or 5 guitarists on the same stage for
that show...but the music didn't suffer for it.


> The Clapton tour outta be one helluva concert this

> time around. I really can't see why Doyle is in

> the band this time around tho, unless Eric isn't

> going to play much. Derek can most definitely handle

> his part and others.




> Pat

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