[Slowhand] Derek Trucks in Greenville

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 6 08:47:11 EDT 2006

I caught Derek Trucks in Greenville, SC, last night (thanks Pat!). Everything they say about his talent is true.

He played his SG for the entire show. He used NO pedals or rack effects - just plugged directly into a couple of Fender amps. Very loud Fender amps. He used no picks - just his fingers. It was very interesting to watch his right hand. He tends to pick with his thumb and first two fingers. But his right hand is constantly changing positions. At times, his little finger hooks under the highest string as if to mute it.

Highlights of the show were "Greensleeves," "Soul Serenade" and "Anyday." If anyone from Camp EC is monitoring this, "Anyday" would be a great song to feature DT as "Can't Find My Way Home" previously featured Nathan East and Marcy Levy.

I was able to speak to DT after the show. Nice guy. I didn't ask about the upcoming tour.

Tonight, the show will be in Raleigh. To get from Greenville to Raleigh by tour bus, one would travel along Interstate 85. So sometime during the night, Derek Trucks passed our local Derrick's Truck Stop. May the circle be unbroken!

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