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Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson at arivia.co.za
Thu Apr 20 11:51:50 EDT 2006

Eric didn't play on the rest, besides "White Trash" and "Kentucky
Racehorse". I have the original LP, including a booklet, which gives
details of who contributed to which track.


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>> Anyone know which songs E.C. played on an album called "White

Mansions" (a Waylon Jennings related album)?<<

EC played slide guitar on track 4 ("White Trash"), dobro on track 6
("Southern Boy"), and the guitar solos on tracks 6, 8, 9, 13 and 14
("Southern Boy," No One Would Believe A Summer Could Be So Cold ," "The
Southland's Bleeding," "The King Has Called Me Home," and "Bad Man").


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