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Sun Apr 23 15:03:37 EDT 2006

>> In an interview in the Times on Saturday Clapton talks about being a Father and the friends he's lost. Towards the end of the interview this is what he says about Cream: "No, not for me. We did it and it was fun. But life is too short, I've got a lot of other things I would rather do including staying at home with my kids." The thing about that band he says, was that it was all to do with its limits. "Here were three people who were essentially in disagreement with each other. You latched on to those rare moments of cohesion and made the most of them. But they were rare. It was an experiment." <<

Cream may have been an experiment, but it was a pretty damn successful one, proven by the adulation Cream still receives forty years later.

EC's latest experiment, "Back Home," is a dismal failure, with well below half a million sales. In another 40 years, nobody will care about it, yet people will still be listening to and writing about Cream.

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