[Slowhand] Disappointment a plenty

John Whitney jfw at insightbb.com
Sat May 6 13:37:43 EDT 2006

Wow, what a tremendous disappointment. Since the announcement of this tour,
I have anxiously awaited the setlist. I cannot hide my anguish and dismay.
Following the excellent Cream shows, and in spite of EC’s apparent
dissatisfaction with them, I really expected a rejuvenated Clapton for the
upcoming tour. The new band seemed to be a harbinger of good things to come.
Now, we hear that Derek Trucks is a short-timer, and probably won’t even be
playing on the US shows; and, that the setlist is a weak rehash of the past
10 years of mediocrity.

I have not missed an EC tour in over 25 years. In recent tours, I have
attended an average of 6 shows per tour. To see Clapton I have traveled from
Illinois to London, Paris, Tokyo, NYC, Chicago, LA, Atlanta, Dallas,
Cleveland, Moline, Indianapolis, Houston, St. Louis … whew, the list is much
longer but needs to stop to conserve webspace.

At this time, I must beg off. I will not pay the $150+ per ticket to see
another weak show. EC can do so much better. When he decides to put the
effort into the playing that suits his skill level, I will promptly return.
This tour has begun with an extremely and embarrassingly weak set of
replayed pop tunes. These songs are not the reason that many years ago I
decided I wanted to get to know the music of Eric Clapton. It has been a
wonderful time. But, it now appears that the good times may have come to a
weak halt.

John Whitney

Chatham, Illinois


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