[Slowhand] set list

K S backlezz at hotmail.com
Sat May 6 13:50:16 EDT 2006

Richard wrote:
"(...) Why not change it up a little, with Why Does Love Got to be so Sad,
or Tell the Truth, or Roll it Over, or Little Wing.... (...)"

While I whole heartedly agree with you regarding Wonderful Tonight and
possibly also Layla / Cocaine, I'm almost tempted to suggest you have one
more look at the set list. He's added Anyday and I'm Yours from the Dominos
years (and Nobody knows you, even though he's played this not that many
years ago). He has changed it up! He's dropped Sunshine, Badge and Hoochi
Coochi Man - it's many years since those songs were absent from any EC set
list. And Pretending, Everybody Ought to Make a Change and Motherless
Children are rare to say the least.

I'm absolutely satisfied! Can't wait to see this band.


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