[Slowhand] you're right!

Pat Toth iampigpen at comcast.net
Sat May 6 15:35:56 EDT 2006

Hey, You're right! Unbelievable that Derek is doing so much work this summer. Off day On Eric's tour and he's playing at
the Mean Fiddler. Off day in Paris and he's playing again with his band at another club. Then a break from the Clapton tour in June and he's playing with his band and half the time he's the warm up act for the ABB. And you know he's playing with them during their set as well. Then back to the Clapton tour and when that wraps up in Red Square for the European tour Derek is finishing off the summer with his band. I'm telling you folks you need to go see him this summer.


Betcha he plays the States with EC.

(and by the way......just how short IS Doyle Bramhall????)

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