[Slowhand] Cheers to JW

ollio ollio at mbnet.fi
Sat May 6 17:06:02 EDT 2006

Hi all,

It's great that this list so famous for Clapton bashig keeps up its promise.
It's always refreshing to hear how people like John know how bad and
awaful that gig in France was, although I presume mr. Whitney wasn't
exactly wasn't there :).
I'm sure seeing all those Clapton concerts for years gives mr. John the
authority to condemn all these future gigd we're about to see. John
knows they must be bad!!!
I was going to London for some Clapton Royal Albert Hall concerts, but
after John Whitney from USA has declared them as rubbish I've decided to
stay away . He's the one who knows :)

Cheers to all


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