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Sat May 6 17:33:47 EDT 2006

Fabio D wrote:

> ...before we even got a good review of the new tour and people in

> this list had already started to bark against it! Why don't you

> focus on the great new additions, like I'm am yours, Anyday, some

> very good come backs, as Everybody oughta make a change, After

> Midnight, Running on Faith and Motherless Children, all the Robert

> J. songs, even two VERY GOOD additions IMO from the new record-

> Lost and Found is a great contemporary blues song and Back Home

> which is a beautiful ballad. Got to get Better, you're already

> TIRED of that??? C'mon YOU GUYS??? It seems as if some people in

> this list go to a new EC concert, don't pay any atention to the

> first 3/4 of the concert, just to wait for "that" three songs that

> are clearly kept in the repertoire to please the average fans (of

> course it's not for "us" the ones who goes to 5 or 6 or more EC

> concerts every year). Just three crowd pleasers? Bravo, Eric! And

> I'll never get tired to hear you playing the eletric Layla, my

> favorite song all time! Thank you Eric! Great set list! It's a

> shame I can't catch this tour, I don't think it will come to Brazil

> again...


> You can yell at me, call me fanatic, groupie, whatever. I don't

> care, I would like to congratulate Eric for this very good set

> list, and thanks him again for not retiring as promised before. I'm

> eager to hear a new bootleg with this new great band.


> Cheers for the Clapton fans. To the others, the Bruce "new-set-list-

> everyday" Springsteen List is waiting for you, who knows if someday

> Bruce will learn how to play guitar as Eric...

You are right on the money! Hopefully all the whiners will stay home
and I will get GREAT seats like I had in Oct.


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