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RMS1 Debby at Avalonrecords.com
Mon May 8 12:57:11 EDT 2006


>>>>Give the guy a break - let him play what he likes to play and trust

that =
it will be great anyway! Aren't we supposed to love, warts and all?
Anyone who will be at the show on 22nd May - see you there!<<<<<

I think a lot of the disappointment was because many slowhanders thought
this was going to be a Derek and the Dominoes sort of thing...

I think you're always going to see Wonderful tonight, Cocaine, and Layla
as stables of his shows- it's what the general public demands. (I
remember hearing from a woman, not a big Clapton fan, who had seen him
on the nothing but the blues tour of 1993, and she said the show
sucked!!! because he didn't play Wonderful Tonight, or Cocaine, or

I, for one, am really pleased at seeing a mixed bag of songs.
Concentrating on one album, even D&D, would have been great for some,
but come on, the man has got SUCH a huge repertoire of great songs, why
not mix it up? I loved the NBTB blues concerts, but not every single
Clapton fans is a huge blues fan, like I am. I am really tickled to see
some fresh titles on the list, and can't wait to see what the US tour
schedule will look like.

Debby J.

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