[Slowhand] evolving cleverly (ec)

Stephen Hayes stephenhayes at jbcmail.com
Mon May 8 14:04:05 EDT 2006

Yes the Layla, WT and Cocaine are rolled out but they are the corner
stones of his gig...the average joe public expects them! Rod Stewart
probably still has to sing "do ya think I'm sexy?" too!! His music is a
journey from a shy & confused musician in the early sixties, anguish,
torment, lost love, heartache, romance & passion and finally wedded bliss
and kids!
A life time of human emotions rolled into one musical feast if people
still want to ramble on about 40 odd years ago fine but let us all enjoy
todays music as well as the past!!
Will be there on thurs in Bham and on Mon 22nd at RAH....see you all

Nice story JENNY from Oz btw see you there on Monday 22nd lol

Steve & Nicci
Walthamstow, LONDON


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