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I really don't understand messages like this. No one

> on the list is entitled to express an opinion, because

> our opinions detract from your enjoyment of the

> concert? Where is that coming from?

JK: Judging by the responses I have received, your (entitled) opinion is
obviously not the consensus.

It is coming from the unadulterated contention that EC, like all of us, is a
fallible human being who may sometimes miss the collective mark but never
fails to provide at the very least a modicum of genius and at the most, a
performance that electrifies the audience.


> I'm glad you're going to the concerts and I hope you

> enjoy them. I'm going to RAH myself (from California)

> for the 19th and 22nd, and I'm sure I'll enjoy them

> too (well, maybe not Wonderful Tonight).


> But I don't get the idea that being a true Clapton fan

> requires one to passively accept whatever is dished up

> and pretend that we're living in the best of all

> possible worlds. Sure, I'll enjoy I Shot the Sheriff

> (again) and Got to Get Better (again) and probably

> even Layla and Cocaine (again and again and again) -

> but what's wrong with wanting to hear something new

> and different every once in a while?

JK: What constitutes a true Clapton fan? It's a matter of degrees (I say).

I agree you don't have to like everything to be a fan - I didn't
particularly find the Back Home album appealing, neither do I particularly
like some of his personal favourites, however, the odds are definitely in
favour and I just never complain - there is too much to be thankful for.

Again, he is subject to the common human incapacities that prevail in us all
and that old cliché of " ..but you cannot please all the people all the
time" is pertinent.

BTW there is nothing wrong with wanting to hear something new, but it doesn't
make the old unpalatable - hopefully he sometimes performs songs for his own
pleasure rather than just ours and by your own admission, you will enjoy ..
again and again and again! As will I !

> Sure there are some unusual things on this list, and

> that's great, but as I said in my first "bash" it's a

> mixed bag. There was an opportunity, with this new

> band, to really shake it up and break out of the box,

> and that opportunity wasn't seized.>

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>> Subject: [Slowhand] (no subject)


>> I am so dismayed at the set-list bashing that is

>> emerging on this tour. Why? Because for my 50th

>> birthday, my daughter consipired with some obviously

>> incredible friends around the world, to buy me two

>> tickets (12th row) and my flights from Sydney, to

>> get to the RAH in two weeks time.


>> This will be the 3rd time I am travelling across the

>> globe to see EC as he hasn't visited Australia for

>> more than a decade, possibly 15 years. I saw a San

>> Fran (2004) and Kansas City (2001) show but this

>> time it is a 34 hour haul each way and I will only

>> be in London for 2 days and 3 nights. To hear the

>> negative reviews (which I probably shouldn't have

>> looked at) is detracting from the incredible gift

>> that has been given to me by people who live in

>> South Africa (my birth country), Australia (my

>> resident country), the US, the UK, East Timor and

>> Ghana.


>> Give the guy a break - let him play what he likes to

>> play and trust that it will be great anyway! Aren't

>> we supposed to love, warts and all?

>> Anyone who will be at the show on 22nd May - see you

>> there!


>> Jenny



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