[Slowhand] New Setlist: Not an Improvement

RMS1 Debby at Avalonrecords.com
Tue May 9 11:16:23 EDT 2006

RE: Wonderful Tonight and Layla

Why does anyone assume these songs mean nothing to him? They are FULL
of meaning for others, especially the two he wrote for Patty. No matter
what (or who) he has done since then, his current wife included, Patty's
influence on him was HUGE. "Layla" and "WT" brought him much fame and
fortune. Lots of couples consider WT to be "their" song. Personally,
I never get tired of hearing the electric version of "Layla"; there's so
much passion and longing in that tune. And "Cocaine" is SO expected,
and a great jam song. Listen to any classic rock station (especially
the corporate ones), and "Cocaine" is always one of the 2 or 3 Clapton
tunes they play.

EC's catalogue of songs is vast, and to pick just a dozen or so to play
has got to be a daunting task. I can't imagine playing songs you DON'T
like, night after night for months. Why torture yourself?

Good grief, even with a setlist that doesn't change, each concert is
different. He has good nights and bad nights, and as we've seen by the
Slowhander reviews from other tours, most are pleased with the results.
So quitcherbitchin' until AFTER the concert. :-)


Debby J.


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Having looked at the Glasgow setlist, I have to say that IMHO things are
going in the wrong direction. Maybe swapping Sheriff for Let it Rain is
an even trade (although my personal preference between the two would be
for Sheriff), but dropping Anyday (not played for a long while) for
Revolution and Run Home to Me? I'm gagging. I can certainly understand
the unenthusiastic reviews.

On the setlist generally, I don't understand the argument made by a
number of folks on this list that we should accept Wonderful Tonight -
Layla - Cocaine in every show because casual and uninformed fans expect
them, and commercial considerations require EC to design his show for
those marginal fans. To me, this is exactly the problem and the thing
that most disappoints me - the fact that EC loads up his set with music
that he doesn't care about and hasn't played with passion for years and
years, because he wants to be more "commercial," and then gets up there
and just goes through the motions. I agree that this is what happens,
but I sure don't see it as a "defence" of EC - I see it more as an

Whatever happened to being an "artist," and playing music that means
something to you?


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