[Slowhand] Damn you setlist whiners!!

Apurva Parikh apuraja8 at hotmail.com
Tue May 9 11:10:17 EDT 2006

heck there was an actual change in the setlist in Glasgow!! This is just
night 2 and we see changes already. I dont mind the setlist, heck I'm happy
Eric is still performing, and he took major risks this tour by overhauling
the band alltogether. Let's give this unit some time.

I don't mind the choices, like I said, even WT, Cocaine, Layla. Heck those
are his war horses, and I'm curious to know if they sound any different with
this new band.

How is Steve Jordan on the skins? Willie Weeks on bass? Is Eric soloing on
auto pilot or stretching himself out at all? those are the questions I'm
interested in.


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